Pre-Assessment Form


The purpose of the DSA study needs assessment is to determine what difficulties you may face with your studies, due to your disability, and to consider what support can be provided to overcome those difficulties. In order to get the best outcome from this assessment, we require the following information in advance. This will enable us to do any prior research needed, so that we can consider the full range of support available.

    In addition to the normal data processing carried out by the Hoxton Needs Assessment Centre (HNAC), the transfer of a copy of your needs assessment report to the Disabled Students Allowance Quality Assurance Group (‘‘the auditor’’) may be required so that the auditor can audit the centre’s internal processes for dealing with needs assessments. These audits play an important part of ensuring that the centre is complying with all relevant legislation, internal and external guidance. Such compliance is vital to the centre so it can properly assess the needs of those that require assistance. The information that the centre is proposing to transfer to the auditor is a copy of your completed needs assessment form. As you will be aware, this includes the following information about you: • identity and age; • physical and/or mental health; • living arrangements; • higher education institution and course information. This information includes personal data and sensitive personal data as defined under the Data Protection Act 1998. As the proposed transfer includes sensitive personal data (in this instance, health information about you), we require your consent before we are legally permitted to provide the auditor with your information, if selected as a student sample. The personal data provided to the auditor would only be processed for the specific purpose of carrying out the audit of the centre. The data or needs assessment report information would not be retained by the auditor once the audit of the centre had been completed and accredited by DSA-QAG. This consent will be held by the centre for the duration of the audit process, alongside any other forms of consent you have provided to the centre in relation to other current data processing activities carried out by the centre in relation to your personal and sensitive personal data.